About us

Our Film Music Workshop, unlike all the other film-scoring courses, isn’t only theory.

Our staff has worked with many great composers, including 5 oscar-winning ones: Ennio Morricone, Alexandre Desplat,  Luis Bacalov, Leonard Rosenman, Nicola Piovani,

Pino Donaggio, Carlo Siliotto, Egisto Macchi, Fiorenzo Carpi, Manuel De Sica, Stelvio Cipriani, Andrea Guerra etc.

We’ll provide all of our experience so that each participant will be able to write a real film-score.

Participants will have three  or four short films to choose from.


They’ll have the chance to write the score with the support and experience of a mentor.

He will guide them through all the process: spotting, mock-up production and creation of the score in sync with the picture, professional production for both scores and single parts, recording session with a 45-piece orchestra and 5.1 mix.



The Workshop will be held in Rome ( Italy )

The Orchestra recording session will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria)

The participants will attend the recording session in remote,

interacting with the conductor while watching the orchestra live streaming

It’s possible to attend the recording session in Sofia and/or conduct the orchestra.

Film Music Workshop is led  by Maestro Maurizio Abeni

Orchestra Management:  Slav Slavchev

Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra 

Music Recordings:  Marco Streccioni

Pro Tools Operator:   Gabriele Conti

10 first Violins

  8 second Violins

  6 Violas

  4 Cellos

  3 Double Basses

  1 Flute/Piccolo

  1 Oboe / English Horn

  1 Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet

  1 Bassoon

  2 French Horns

  1 Trumpet

  1 Trombone

  1 Bass Trombone

  1 Tuba

  1 Harp

  1 Piano

  1 Timpani and Percussion

The Workshop is supported


Sud Ovest Records is an Italian leading production company that organized and recorded more than 600 soundtracks with the greatest film composers.

Sofia Record Factory is a bulgarian company with more than 20 years of experience in recording classical music and film-scores for cinema and television.

Stone Recording Studio (Rome, Italy).

This studio is specialized in recording and mixing scores

Next Workshop

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, our upcoming Film Music Workshop in April has been canceled.
We’ll get in contact with the people that applied in order to arrange a new Workshop in the next months.