Maurizio Abeni belongs to the recent generation of "cross-over" musicians, moving freely between  many different musical worlds. Despite his academic training, first in Italy and later in Sweden, with his activities as a pianist, composer, musical arranger and conductor he has passed through all forms of musical contribution in the show-business.

As a pianist and arranger, he has worked with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Lina Sastri

and Fiorella Mannoia.

Early in his career he has worked for television as a musical arranger for numerous

tv-shows. In film production he initially worked as a pianist and programmer.

Afterwards as a music arranger and conductor, he conducted and orchestrated dozens of film-scores collaborating with major authors such as Armando Trovajoli, Luis Bacalov, Pino Donaggio, Claudio Mattone, Bruno Zambrini, Manuel De Sica.

Maurizio Abeni is the author of twenty soundtracks for film and television, including "Wax Mask" "Vanilla and chocolate", "Voices". He has also written music for several television documentaries and commercials.

In 2013 he was the musical director for the theater musicals "Rugatino" (2013),  "Sistina Story" (2014),  "Roman Holiday" (2015).


In 2015, he composed the music for the musical, currently on stage, "Lady Mortaccia, life is beautiful" with Veronica Pivetti and the soundtrack for the movie "Neither Romeo nor Juliet", directed by Veronica Pivetti.

He has written music for several documentaries and commercials. He conducted and recorded music for films with several orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio, London Symphony Orchestra, RAI Symphony Orchestra,

Roma Sinfonietta, Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and Orchestra Filarmonica Italiana.

M° Abeni led courses on the project "Ritmo Sinfonico" for string orchestra, held by Umbria region; he has also taught composing during the courses of  Song-Multimedia-Theatre, held by Lazio region in Officina Pasolini.

Maurizio Abeni wrote and conducted several symphony concerts for events organized by UniCredit: "Soundtrack of Emotions" (2007. Venice, Teatro La Fenice),

"Un set chiamato Roma"

(Rome, Cinecittà, 2008), "Sinfonica" with Fiorella Mannoia (Rome, 2011, the Baths of Caracalla), "L'oro d'Italia" (Brussels, 2014, Center for Fine arts, Alexandria, Alexandria Theatre in 2015), "Sinfonie in scena" (Milan, 2015 Unicredit Pavilion)


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