What is included?​

  • Individual workplace with additional 24" Monitor

  • Midi Keyboard 4 octaves

  • Professional AKG headphones

  • Laser Printers are available

  • The entire work program is led by  Maurizio Abeni

  • Each participant can create music cues with a total duration of no more than 8 minutes.

  • Printouts of all scores and parts for orchestra

  • The Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra (BNRSO) will play your music

  • The recordings will be made in the studio of Bulgarian National Radio in Sofia

  • The music will be recorded and mixed by sound engineer Marco Streccioni 

  • Pro Tools operator  Gabriele Conti

  • Each participant will be able to attend the recording of all other participants.

  • At the end of the course there will be a projection of all the movies with the music composed by the students

  • Participants will retain 100% of the copyright of their own music

  • Participants will receive a video of the film with their original music*



   *The video will be exclusively for personal use and its publishment is prohibited


Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra


10 first Violins

  8 second Violins

  6 Violas

  4 Cellos

  3 Double Basses

  1 Flute/Piccolo

  1 Oboe / English Horn

  1 Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet

  1 Bassoon

  2 French Horns

  1 Trumpet

  1 Trombone

  1 Bass Trombone

  1 Tuba

  1 Harp

  1 Piano 

  1 Timpani and Percussion